Your vision

Your dream home project begins before you even reach out to us to schedule an estimate. You’ve already spent time day dreaming, searching, and focusing on various designs that excite and inspire you. You probably have a lot of ideas already, and some sense of what materials and features you want to include in our new space. We communicate clearly with you from the very start, working to define your needs, desires and style.

Reaching Out

Now you’ve begun reviewing companies to handle your project. When you make initial contact with A New Life, we’ll ask some general questions about your space (goals, budget, timeline, etc.). Once we’ve established an informed sense of what you’re looking for, we’ll make an appointment to meet on location for initial review.

Initial Appointment

During the initial review appointment, we’ll talk with you about your wish list, the challenges we expect related to your space, your preference on materials, and your project budget. If you decide to move forward with an official estimate, we will take measurements and request an initial design retainer ($150.00) from you. The retainer is non-refundable, however, if we move forward with the project it will be credited to your account.

Project design & estimate

Our design team will take the information they gathered from the first appointment and incorporate them into the final design. Once the design is complete, our project team will review the proposal for time needed to complete the work. By the end of the collaborative design process, you will receive a creative, on-budget, practical design, a detailed scope of work, an estimate of the total job cost and a comprehensive timeline.

Contract signing

We will meet for a second appointment to review the full proposal, and sign service contracts with an identified project start date.

Material selection | Design finalization

Once the contract has been signed, the final phase of the collaboration process begins. Now you will select your project materials and approve the full project. Once that’s done, the project management and construction team will take over.

Order materials

The first stage of construction includes ordering all of your project materials. We plan and coordinate logistics for purchasing and delivery so every piece of the puzzle is on site, on time to complete the work.

Develop project schedule

Once materials have been ordered we assemble your project team. Any work outside the scope or availability of our in-house professionals is scheduled with experienced subcontractors. The Team leader will develop a comprehensive project schedule that’s precise, practical and realistic.


Now the job gets started. While we’re on-site we touch base with you frequently to make sure you’re up to date on any of the milestones (or hiccups) reached during construction. At the end of the job there will be a thorough cleaning and a range of finishing touches.


On the final day of the project, we will meet you on site for a full walkthrough of your new space. You will present your team leader with any tasks or details you would like to have made or touched up. The list you put together with your team leader will become the final project punch-list.


Now we dot the I’s and cross the T’s. every item you identified on your walkthrough is taken care of in this stage. Once you approve the punch-list changes, we will collect final payment. Now it’s time to celebrate. Your job is complete!